This blog is in response to a petition & spam campaign of a few feminists

Some radical feminist groups realized they can advance their own agenda by launching a "No pink aisle, bring back beautiful" social media campaign by claiming The LEGO Group offers no "gender equity" in the new theme "Friends" and its marketing. They created an online petition, then proceeded encouraging their followers to SPAM the LEGO Facebook page with one of TLG's own ads. Laced with false dramatic information, they convinced the petition site to include their "cause" in its membership mailing notice.
This blog sheds light on their omissions, skewed facts & images.

Cease Fire?

   Only recently did another Bloomberg article come across the radar of this blog.  Yet another writer who attended an all women's college, who no doubt was contacted by the RadFems in some type of "sisterhood" style (there have been plenty of women writers at various reputable news organizations who've been influenced by SPARK associates, or who are members of that RadFem group themselves; more on some of those, such as a CNN writer, later).
   Here we have Cristina Lindbald writing about when The LEGO Group's Marketing team agreed to meet with a few petitioners last April.  While most of the truly well-versed LEGO fans saw this as akin to 'getting a monkey off your back' considering the petition was rigged (which, surprisingly the author deduces too), it is also a typical strategic move by TLG.  They are unsurpassed in courteous customer relations.
   Let's put aside the fact that these RadFems really aren't LEGO customers.  This evidence is found in the article itself, where Bailey tells her they want TLG to produce a line such as Avatar: The Last Airbender.  Uh ... hey Bailey, they already did in 2006!
   Another amazingly uneducated comment by Bailey, “We were sort of disappointed by the lack of imagination that went into it.”  It's as if she doesn't realize the builder is the one who "adds imagination" to any LEGO building experience.
   SPARK & their book-selling, t-shirt selling "friends" merely saw an opportunity with a respected corporation, which they proceeded to put onto a pedestal for the purpose of shaming, as part of their "social media" campaign brouhaha.
   As for the "Barbielicious" label placed by the RadFems, well, that pretty much back-fired too, considering Mattel launched their own building range with MegaBloks.
   Fortunately reader comments on that article remain and are very demonstrating to the diminished tolerance of these RadFems and their misguided agendas containing borderline false-information-laced rants.
   The meeting happened with zero earth-shattering revelations.
   SPARK was outwitted; did they really think TLG didn't have access to data they seem to think is their domain?
   Carry on LEGO Friends.  Your legacy of introducing more girls to LEGO building, spatial-orientation skills, math skills, technical skills, engineering skills, social skills, polygon manipulation, and science via the world of bricks is far superior than any inferior shrieks.

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