This blog is in response to a petition & spam campaign of a few feminists

Some radical feminist groups realized they can advance their own agenda by launching a "No pink aisle, bring back beautiful" social media campaign by claiming The LEGO Group offers no "gender equity" in the new theme "Friends" and its marketing. They created an online petition, then proceeded encouraging their followers to SPAM the LEGO Facebook page with one of TLG's own ads. Laced with false dramatic information, they convinced the petition site to include their "cause" in its membership mailing notice.
This blog sheds light on their omissions, skewed facts & images.

RadFems mixed messages

So, now after the LEGO Friends theme is selling out  like crazy and more girls are building with them that ever before, they say it wasn't about hating on Pink.

They claim inequality, even though more female MiniFigs already were appearing in sets before this ridiculous petition: 2011 Community Workers set has equal female-to-male ratio; female Park Ranger; female Firefighters; female Police; female NinjaGO Samurai; and a female PILOT & Hero Avengers female Black Widow as the person flying the QuinJet!  These were all assigned & created before the release of Friends.

The insane notion that SPARK would ask and get TLG to "ditch" the LEGO Friends theme is beyond self-inflation!  The sets are selling out because girls LOVE them!  Girls are building more than ever!  Even grown-up girls who wish they'd had these as a kid are coming out of the woodwork to build with these new bricks, colors & elements!  The LEGO stores' Friends build-table is always crowded :-)
Yes, girls can and do buy any other LEGO sets available -- who said the other sets aren't for "her" anyway?  Why are you manufacturing a controversy?  Oh, yeah, it helps your agenda ;-)

And here we have more mixed messages from "partners" in the hate on LEGO Friends products:

To: Emily --

1) No, massive research shows the new MiniDolls are what many girls wanted -- and now LOVE!
    There are still MiniFigs, and yes their hair is compaitable, along with tools and anything else a MiniFig can do because, guess what: It's A Building Toy!

2) It's up to you to make Friends part of LEGO City -- good grief, use your imagination!

3)  Already done.  Weren't you paying attention?  Equal females in 2011 Community Workers set; Park Ranger; Samurai; Firefighter; Astronaut; Police; Doctor; PILOT in Avengers Black Widow flying the QuinJet!

4)  TLG goes to great lengths to talk to its customers!  That they can't give millions of specific box art to please its MILLIONS of fans is purely physics.  Four years of intense interactive research with real girls and real families all over the Globe is not in any way "the easy out" or not financially committed to real customers.

5)  What?  TLG has been making girls as "people" for decades!!

6)  The LEGO Group is by far one of the most responsive & respectful companies on Earth!  They are a private company and can do what ever they please -- and they have gone to great lengths to listen to customers, communities, education sectors, technology sectors and engineering professionals!  They have so many feedback channels open, sometimes I'm not sure which one to choose!
     Frankly, I'm "not impressed" with your lack of LEGO knowledge.

To: Janessa --

   Friends sets are exactly the same complexity as any sets you have perceived as "boy" sets (whic loads of girls have too) and Olivia's House is even more progressive than other sets because of its Modular design.  Please educate yourself and stop listening to the bubble of those who are not informed and using LEGO as an agenda spreader.

To: Cherry --

   So what is it??  First RadFems are mad at Pink, then mad at stereotypically perceived roles in Friends, mad at Disney DUPLO, crying girls can be own heroes, etc., then you complain there's no Castle, Princess & Prince for your daughter in the new theme!!  Wow, enjoy your inferior MegaBloks.

To: Rhonda --

   Like you say, "girls can be anything they imagine" so stop being so narrow-minded and realize LEGO bricks are all about imagination -- re-build them the way *you* want!

Either TLG is wrong for making sets with "suggested" box-art possibly creations, or they are wrong for not making sets as plain buckets ... ?  Huh?  If you don't like the new colors & bricks in the new sets, which are a way to "package" them for the customer, then buy a bucket.  There will always be buckets.  Use your imagination and stop worrying about what you may perceived as a marketing message.  It's all subjective.  Why can't you be objective?

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